Celebrating A Successful Turnaround

Since early February, Vision Integrity has been providing one of our major clients in BC with turnaround engineering and inspection support. Six senior API 510 inspectors and six turnaround engineers are on-site, for a total of 12 Vision Integrity employees providing their expertise and support to our client during this turnaround. 

To ensure the best possible turnaround, our senior API 510 vessel inspectors are leading field inspections, providing recommendations for repair solutions, and developing final vessel inspection/repair reports. Our turnaround engineers provide repair strategies and FFS options, and perform NDE analysis on corrosion rates/remaining life.

The close integration of engineers and inspection teams has been proven to significantly reduce the need for rework, while allowing work to be completed on an efficient schedule — two highly desired outcomes in a turnaround event. Thanks to Vision Integrity’s knowledge and expert support, our client is satisfied with a smooth and successful turnaround.